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Coldplay/Katy Perry Mashup

2012-10-20 11:16:39 by bearkilgore

Another vid in the classical piano series ...

The three songs I've done classical renditions of are now on my main page at YouTube. The songs are "Payphone", "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" and "Call Me Maybe" ....

The video is on YouTube at

Soon this will be a full length You Tube vid, but I wanted to get a little feel for how people would like the song :)

Hey, everyone! Check out my latest ... just a teaser for the upcoming YouTube video ...

Well, maybe not but anyway ... I'm a keyboardist who plays all material live. The instruments are spread out across the keyboard. My left pinky handles bass drum, my ringless ring finger handles snare and hi-hat, remaining fingers on left hand handle bass and the right hand covers keyboards and pads. Now you know :D

Please check me out at as well. There are some different songs than the ones listed here, at least a couple.

Thanks to everyone for all the plays and downloads. It is appreciated more than I can express.